Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid conditions that we treat at MOSA are mainly surgical thyroid problems, such as nodules, masses and tumors. If your thyroid hormones are off you should see an endocrinologist. If you have a nodule on your thyroid gland we normally order an ultrasound to see how big it is and what it looks like. If it’s bigger than 10mm it should be fine needle biopsied under ultrasound guidance. If the result is showing a benign mass (most common nodule is called colloid), we typically do not recommend surgery.

These benign nodules should only be removed (hemithyreoidectomy) if they cause symptoms, like pressure or breathing/swallowing problems. A good way to monitor these benign nodules are with regular ultrasound examinations. If the needle biopsy is questionable or malignant you will need a total thyreoidectomy and sometimes additional radioactive iodine treatment. If the entire gland is removed you will need life long thyroid medication, such as Synthroid. After thyroid surgery our patients often have a drain and stay in the hospital overnight to make sure there is no bleeding or swelling. The risk for hoarseness afterwards is roughly 1%, and can always be handled to restore the voice.