Nurse Navigator

The nurse navigator at St Joseph Mercy Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Clinic is the glue that keeps the head and neck cancer care together. Since patients with head and neck cancer need so many different aspects of the care (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, speech and swallow and dietary care, social and financial support etc) the process can be very frustrating and even confusing. The Nurse Navigator makes the management of individual cancer patients easy and smooth. Her name is Diana Herter and she can be reached at 734-712-4987. Her job is focused on helping the patients through all the hard ships a cancer diagnosis result in. In her caring hands patients feel safe and they know that they are always heard and that they have a special person that can help them with whatever difficulties they are going through. The Nurse Navigator has changed Head and Neck Cancer from being something extremely stressful and scary to a condition that patients can understand and go through without agony.