Medical Assistants

We are committed to providing the best possible care and service. We believe this is best handled by closely aligning our doctors with medical assistants within the office. We hope you come to rely not only your doctor, but on his or her assistant. This person will most often seat you for your appointment and will likely get to know your case over time. Because of this knowledge, the medical assistant may be best equipped to handle frequently asked questions and sort out logistical issues, especially regarding test scheduling, more quickly.

Our Medical Assistants

Michelle Darrach - Office Manager - Ext *1120

Ann Brossia - Office Assistant to Dr. Thomas Weimert - Ext *1118

Vanita Davis - Office Assistant to Dr. Jan Akervall - Ext *1117

Vicky Bowles - Office Assistant to Dr. Laurence Ho - Ext *1116

Judy Petrucci - Office Assistant to Dr. Paul Hoff - Ext *1115

Stacy Whitfield - Office Assistant to Dr. Meredith Montero - Ext *1109

Vanessa Moore Jackson - Office Assistant to Dr. Joseph Seymour - Ext *3100